Do I need a Boat licence ?
Yes you will need a current QLD Recreational Marine Drivers Licence or Interstate equivalent.


How do we get the boat from point A to Point B?
The hirer must supply a vehicle that is equipped to tow the boat selected for hire. Alternatively delivery can be arranged at a small cost.

Where can we take the boat ?
You can take the boat anywhere in Queensland only within smooth or partially smooth waters as specified by Queensland Maritime Safety Department. A web site and handbook is available.


Can we take the boat past any bars ?
No the boats must not enter or be near any bar passages.


Who is responsible for the boat ? Your the skipper your responsible 

The licenced person who signed the hire agreement is responsible for the boat and the passengers he or she have on board.


How much is the bond ?
Our bond is set at $500.00 to cover damage or lost equipment.

How is the bond paid ?

The bond is paid by credit card supplied by the hirer. This is refunded usually within 48hrs of the boat and equipment being returned undamaged 


What insurance cover does the boat have?
All boats are insured however the hirer may be liable for an excess up to $2500 is for major damage when the hirer is at fault.


Will the boat have fuel included when hired?

The boat is initially full of Premium unleaded fuel and is to be refilled by the hirer with Premium unleaded fuel on return .


Who cleans the boat?

Boats are to be cleaned by the hirer but the engine to be flushed by Smart Power Boat Hire. If the boat is not cleaned upon return a fee of between $20.00 to $50.00 will be imposed.


Are the boats inspected before and after hire? 

Yes the boats are inspected before and after every hire by both the hirer and a representative of Smart Power Boat Hire.


What is 24hr hire ? 

You can pick the boat up by 6.30pm prior to day of hire and return 5.30pm day of hire with one hour leeway.


Can I use the boat at night?

Night operation is entirely at the discretion of Smart Power Boat Hire and is subject to the Skipper’s experience operating at night


What safety equipment is on board ? 

All safety gear is supplied by Smart Power Boat Hire as required by Queensland Maritime Safety Regulations.


Will the boat sink ?
No our boats are (1F) compliant and have positive flotation design and construction and do not sink